Padded Mailers - Self Seal

  • Heavy duty Gold Kraft with macerated paper padding.
  • Rugged all-purpose product protection.
  • Easy to insert: Product slides in smoothly and quickly for labor savings and production efficiency.
  • Easy to open: Simply pull back to tear tape opener.
  • Ideal for internal packaging as an alternative to a cushioning wrap.
  • Recyclable as mixed paper; does not add to the solid waste problem.
  • Made with over 77% recycled paper fiber content and contains minimum 62% post-consumer content overall.
  • Cushioning layer contains 100% post-consumer content.
  • Can be reused - further enhancing compatibility with the environment.
  • Self-seal adhesive strip for quick, easy closure. Reduces labor, eliminates staples and tape.
Padded Mailers - Self Seal
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